~ The Past & The Future

Essential Point:

The Past & Future are illusions of the Mind, for The Now is ultimately all that truly exists.


The Past and Future are ultimately illusions of the Mind as The Now is the only Real Time that exists, which in Essence, is Timeless, or beyond the concept of Time.

See this to be true for yourself. For example, in regard to the Past, take a memory you can conjure up in your Mind right now – when that so called memory actually occurred it didn’t happen in “the Past”, it was happening now. When it happened, it happened now. And when you are thinking of this memory, you are Thinking of it now. “The Past” really happened in The Now and you are thinking of that Past now, now – you can see that there is only The Now.

Next, choose a Future scenario and bring it into your Mind, notice that this Future scenario isn’t actually happening, it is simply happening in your Mind as a Thought Form, a Thought Form that you are thinking now. And if and when this future scenario occurs, it will not occur in “the Future,” for that so called “Future,” when it arrives, happens in The Now. It must happen now, for anything that happened or is happening only ever happened or is happening in The Now, making the Future – like the Past – nothing more than a Thought Form that the Mind has Created.

Thus, the Past and Future can be recognized as mental concepts, bundles of Thought Forms if you will, and when they are Believed in to be true and absolutely real, instead of being recognized as simple noise of the Mind, they make the Mind and Time the basis of Reality, which is the Essential structure of the Egoic Identity. At this Level of Consciousness, Reality becomes a subjective Creation of your Mind, which is to say, colored by your individual, personal conditionings.

You see the World the way you are, not the way it is, which causes a Misinterpretation of the true Nature of Reality and is the Source of your psychological Suffering. Your ignorance and disconnectedness with your Essential Nature keeps you stuck in the Mind, stuck in Time, and stuck in the material World, which keep you in the Survival Mode state predominated by fear, Stress, and therefore Suffering.

Through Liberation from the Mind, which is a way of describing the Awakened state, you Transcend Time, which in other words, is the Transcendence of Past and Future as mental concepts made in the mind. In Essence, you have taken back Consciousness from Time and therefore from the Mind so that the Ego Dissolves and you are living totally and fully in The Now – the only place where there is fullness, completeness, and sustained Peace, which is Free of Suffering.

Most humans today are still deeply Identified with their minds and therefore living in Time. They are rooted in the Past and Future and only periodically visit The Now. These periodic visits offer glimpses of the Peace of The Now, and they often come while in Nature, or when looking at a Beautiful sunset, or when Doing an adrenaline-filled activity, or when sitting in Silence, or maybe during parts of a vacation.

All of these moments are times when Time has become Timeless, which is to say when the Mind has been Transcended to access a state of No-Mind. Thoughts have ceased and you are simply Being. Of course, these moments are fleeting for the Egoic Mind structure is still intact and so Stress inevitably returns.

Awakening is the process of disintegrating this Egoic Mind structure so that these fleeting moments of Presence Realization become the more permanent state of Being. Instead of being rooted in the Past and Future and periodically visiting The Now, you are rooted in The Now and periodically visit the Past and Future, when absolutely necessary or for clock Time purposes.


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