~ The Pursuit of Happiness

Essential Point:

The erroneous Belief that Happiness was an external acquisition rather than an internal accessing. This nation-founding ideology serves as the fundamental, precipitating catalyst of the modern day Ego.


The Pursuit of Happiness, as declared in the U.S. Declaration of Independence in 1776, was a fundamental error of offered wisdom by the Founding Fathers, despite its positive intent. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, after all.

The aim for Real Happiness itself wasn’t as much of the misdirection as was declaring it as something that had to be “pursued,” which reflected an inherent misunderstanding of true Happiness. Such a prescription birthed the illusion that Happiness was something that we inherently lacked and had to go earn or otherwise acquire as something that existed outside of the self.

The Founding Fathers planted the toxic belief that we had the birth-right to chase after Happiness, as if it were some type of prey, but not the birth-right to access it as the God-Given state of Being that already existed within us. To this day, this misguidance has created the False yet persistent ideology that Happiness is something “out there” to be acquired “then,” instead of something “in here” to be accessed “now.”

It is no surprise that both the personal and collective Ego Balloon has grown so large since this misdirection was set into motion as nearly ten generations of combined governmental, societal, educational, and parental conditioning has reinforced the unwise belief that it was up to individual effort to Realize Happiness. And today, billions of humans are running around the World aimlessly searching for Happiness, and seemingly never able to find it or hold it for long, looking everywhere except for the one place where it can be truly found – inside yourself.

True Happiness is not something that can be pursued just as Awakening  is not something that can be pursued, it is something that must be Realized, not captured. True Happiness is a birthright of access, not pursuit. It is a State of Being to be Realized here and now, not something to pursue to acquire there and then.


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