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Essential Point:

A Thought is a transient piece of mental Form that Creates Ego when Identified with. To Transcend Thought is to Transcend your Mind, which is the Essence of Awakening


A “Thought” is the Form-based result of Thinking, which is an activity of the Mind. When one thinks, Thought Forms are Created, and Form is not you, as you are formless in your essence. To Realize that you are not your Thoughts, that you are not your Mind, is the primary Realization of Awakening that liberates you from them.

The “Voice in the Head” is nothing more than a stream of Thought Forms as produced by your Mind. Who are you then, if you are not your Thoughts? You are the one who recognizes these Thoughts. The one who recognizes the Voice in the Head. You are the one who sees that. The Awareness itself that houses all space in which all Thought and itself takes place. This Knowingness is the essence of Self-Realization.

To construct your sense of self from your Thoughts, from your Mind, or from any type of Form itself, is to Create Ego. The more deeply you are Identified with Form, the thicker the Ego Density, or the “more matter” you are and the “less Energy.” The less deeply identified you are with your Mind, the “less matter” and “more Energy” you become. And, if you Know your true state to be one of Pure Energy, which is the essence of Self-Realization, then you have fully transcended matter all together through full Realization of Self as Pure Energy.

In the current state of humanity, Thinking has perhaps become the World’s greatest disease, Addiction, and threat to our survival. The urgency of transformation, which is the urgency to Awaken through shifting Consciousness beyond the Ego, has never been greater. Fortunately, we are witnessing an individual and collective Transcendence, through which people are waking up to the Knowingness of who they Truly are- not their Thoughts, but the Pure Awareness in and through which Thoughts arise.


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