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Essential Point:

The only Real Time that exists is The Now, which is Timeless.


The only Time that exists is The Now, which paradoxically is no time, or Timeless – it always is. The Time is Now. It always was, always is, and always will be. This is a fundamental Realization on the Awakening-Journey that serves to help you wake up to the true Nature of Reality and to your Self, for you are The Now.

Clock Time refers to the 24-hour man-made societal construct designed to bring structure to the practical and human-based affairs of daily Life.

Psychological Time refers to the Time of the Mind, which are concepts of Past and Future derived from Thought that don’t actually Exist.

Both clock and psychological Time are based in Form and considered Relative Time.

Absolute Time refers to the Transcendent Vertical Dimension of Being in which there is No Time, while Relative Time refers to the temporal Horizontal Dimension of Human.

The Essential Spiritual Realization is that clock and psychological Time are ultimately illusionary constructs of Mind and that in Truth, the Time is always Now – The Eternal Now.

To Identify with clock and psychological Time causes Stress and Suffering while transcendence of this Identification through realization of The Now yields Peace, as you are Liberated from Time. The realization of “No Time” is the Essential realization of Being, of what is. When Time becomes Timeless you have accessed the Eternal state of Presence.

Lastly, it must be highlighted that as Spiritual Beings living here on Earth in Physical Form we have to acknowledge and accept both Relative and Absolute Dimensions of Time. Dismissal of either Dimension isn’t advisable. Mindfully balancing these two dimensions via the The Middle Way is ultimately fundamental to Successful living as a Human Being.


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