~ Transcendence

Essential Point:

Transcendence is the process of Self-Realization through which you rise above the Ego.


Transcendence refers to the process of rising above the physical through Realization of the spiritual. It is the rising above the Mind and the World of illusion to Perceive without mental Interpretation. It is to see with clarity from the unaltered Spiritual Dimension.

Transcendence is often referred to or seen as a rising event as it quite literally is a process of Energy ascension – from dense, lower vibrating Energy to expansive, higher vibrating Energy. There is an expansion in ones molecular density as one awakens and their Level of Consciousness shifts upwards.

Transcendence of the Mind to Dissolve the Ego is the Essence of the Awakening-Journey. And the more fully the Mind that is Transcended, the more fully the Ego is dissolved so the closer one comes to full Self-Realization as the Pure Consciousness that resides beyond the Mind.


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