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Essential Point:

The Truth is intuitively Realized, yet never conceptually known, through a process of Liberation from the Mind known as Awakening. It is beyond all intellectual understanding as it is in and of everything and yet it is also no-thing. It is what is. As the Primordial, Spacious, Pure Consciousness enabling and comprising all forms of Existence, the Truth  is perhaps best captured with the statement – “I Am.


“Nothing Real can be threatened.                                                                 
Nothing unreal Exists.                                                                          
Herein lies the Peace of God.”

– A Course in Miracles

It must again first be reinforced that the Truth cannot be explained with words or any concept because it is in its Essence precisely beyond all concepts. It does however, enable all concepts and forms to Exist and thus is the primordial, organizing principle underlying and indwelling as Pure Consciousness within all Life.

Thus, the Truth can perhaps be best described as “I Am.” Not I am this or I am that, but “I Am” period. You are that which enables that to be. The Truth can also be Realized as “it is what is,” not only as the manifested, sense-perceived content of what is, but also as the unmanifested Dimension from which all content invariably arises.

The Truth has no opposite and its Realization reveals the illusionary nature of the Ego, which is known as the fictitious self, made within the confines of the Mind. illusions are shed to reveal Truth, and it is Truth that urges one to shed the illusions.

Truth is inscrutable to the Human Mind, and yet we somehow Know what is not true. It is something that is intuitively experienced and quietly pulls you in its direction through unlocatable whispers, if only you can hear them. It is everywhere and it is nowhere. It is everything and it is Nothing. It is every-thing and it is no-thing.

Truth is experienced as the end of illusion. It is The Homecoming. The nonconceptual Knowingness that all things are One for Separation is an illusion. Truth is Enlightenment, as described as the state of Realization of Knowing the true Nature of Reality, of Self, and of the Universe, which again, is most simply and yet profoundly described with the definitive statement – I Am.

Truth is ultimately unknowable, and undefinable, as it is infinite and boundless, and the furthest we can come to Truth while here in incarnated Form is to approach “The Edge of the Mystery,” which is the Essence of Enlightenment. The more pure you become, that is to say the more you shed who you are not to Realize who you are, the closer you align with Ultimate Truth and the more unalterable Peace you Feel from within out.

Truth is the “destination” all genuine spiritual travelers aim to arrive at, for it inspires us to keep walking, and yet it can only be discovered through Realization of the journey to the destination itself, for ultimately it is the journey, as the Eternal Now.


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