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Essential Point:

To be Unconscious is to be in the sleeping state so that you are completely unaware and Misinterpret the true Nature of Reality and Self.

It is to be completely Identified with Form so that you only know yourself through the Mind. While you are asleep you Believe you are both in the World and of it. Ultimately, Unconsciousness is the disguised Form of Insanity that plagues our World and Dissolving the entity of the Ego that causes this Insanity is the cure to this disease that can save our species.


To be fully Unconscious, spiritually speaking, is to be so completely caught up in the World of illusion so that your sense of Reality is ultimately a False Creation of your Conditioned Mind. When you are Unconscious, you derive your sense of self from the World of Form – it is to Believe you are both in the World and of it.

You erroneously Believe the Essence of who you are is derived from the many “things” of the World as opposed to the One thing, or rather, no-thing-ness, that enables all things. You are completely unaware and disconnected from the Truth . In analogy to the famous film, the Matrix, you have “taken the blue pill” and continue to Dream the Dream.

It’s also helpful to distinguish “normal” Unconsciousness versus “deep” Unconsciousness. Normal Unconsciousness is the state of the majority of humans on Earth today – generally asleep and slumbering along with Life, not overly Happy with it but not overly dissatisfied either. You go to work, you pay your bills, you have some friends, maybe you have a partner, you have a few drinks here and there to relax, and all of this sums up into some type of rather automated daily routine that would be considered “normal.”

The Essence of this is to recognize that these “normal” people are still completely identified with Form Believing their Identity is a function of what they Have and Do, and therefore remain disconnected from the Essence of their Being and who they Really are.

It’s important not to confuse the word “Unconscious” with the image of someone who is physically sleepy or asleep. In fact the people who are most spiritually asleep are often the people who appear the least sleepy – these are the people who are quite busy with their lives, Doing away, completing task after task, getting promotions at work, and beaming with what is often perceived as strength and Confidence as they “Conquer the World” with their mansions, private jets, fit bodies, and seemingly ever-growing network and net worth.

But nonetheless, these active sleepers are still completely unaware to who they really are and the true Nature of Reality. For these people – who often Feel like the “winners” of the World – “ignorance is bliss,” that is at least until Life situations Change, as they must, and the conditions that made them Feel Happy and Strong and Confident before are no longer there.

When Life conditions change, these humans must reassure themselves that they are still who they Thought they were or are likely to go into a state of Inner-Panic. And if the changing of their surface Life is too radical or happens to come in the Form of deep tragedy or extreme adversity these normally Unconscious people, whether seemingly very Happy or just relatively okay, may sink further into what is known as “Deep” Unconsciousness.

People who are living in “normal” Unconsciousness are lost, while those living in “Deep” Unconsciousness are lost in the lostness, and this is a very frightening place to be. For these people, the Dream has turned into a complete Nightmare. As such, it is these people who are Suffering the greatest and are most likely to commit Suicide, because the weight of the World, which they erroneously Believe that they are, simply Feels too heavy and they see no way out. They see no Escape from their Suffering except by pulling the plug and “turning off the lights,” as the expression goes.

The Misperception, however, is in Thinking that pulling the plug turns off the lights. It does not – the Light stays on, which is to say that you will have to Reincarnate and continue playing the Game of Life. It just so happens however, that the people who can no longer tolerate being in the World, those living in Deep Unconsciousness, are at the doorway of going beyond it, which is to say at the gates of Awakening.

The Essence of Spiritual Awakening is to “wake up” from the slumber of the Unconscious state, which is a gradual process of Letting Go of the Identification with the Mind – the structural Essence of the Ego Identity – and instead reidentifying with the Pure Consciousness underlying all of Existence.


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