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Essential Point:

The Universe is the primary expression of Consciousness that enables and houses all other secondary expressions of Consciousness. In your Essence, you are the Universe, and through your Awakening the Universe is becoming Aware of itself.


The Universe is the primordial Manifestation of the Creator in which all subsequent forms of Existence are able to be made Manifest and housed. It is the fundamental expression of Consciousness that was expressed prior to all other subsequent expressions of Consciousness.

It is implied that the Universe is inclusive of any and all other potential Universes and is the Great House of all known or unknown forms of Existence across all Dimensions. In Hermetic Philosophy the Universe is known as “the ALL” for it is Infinite and Eternal as the Essence in and of everything. Everything is in the Universe and the Universe is in everything, and yet the Universe is simply Spaciousness itself and therefore is no-thing at all.

In this sense, Everything is Nothing and Nothing is Everything. And further, the saying “there is Nothing outside of the Universe” is as True as saying “there is Nothing inside the Universe.” Nothing is who you are in your essence, and when you Transcend, or go beyond, the Manifested Universe you access the Dimension of Nothingness, which is dimension of Source.

The essential purpose of the Universe is to enable and house the trillions of varying incarnations of Form that are to be used as vehicles of Transcendence to Realize our essential Nature as the Formless. Earth serves the same essential purpose but is simply a microcosm of the macrocosm of the Universe. And each specific piece of Form in our World is simply a microcosm of the microcosm of the macrocosm. All share the essential purpose to be vehicles of Transcendence.

The Universe is ultimately unknowable, impossible to truly define or measure, and inscrutable to the Human Mind as the Universe is beyond the Mind and is what enables and empowers the Mind.

However, as humans are of the Universe, our Awareness of Existence itself is evidence of the Existence of the Universe existing as Awareness. When we become Aware of this, we become Aware of Awareness, which is the Universe is becoming Aware of itself, which is the essence of Pure Awareness – your truest Self.

This makes you One with the Universe. As the Universe is infinite and eternal in Nature, it exists beyond space and Time, which also makes it truly Present, for nothing exists but Now. The Essence of the Realization of Presence occurs through waking up to your essential Nature as the Timeless Universe.


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