~ Yin-Yang

Essential Point:

The symbolism of the Yin-Yang helps you to Transcend the World of polarities by revealing the true interconnectedness of what appears opposite from one another.


On one level, you Exist in what seemingly appears to be a World of polarities. There appears to be good and bad, Love and hate, strength and weakness, hot and cold, up and down, and on and on – no-thing in this World exists without its corresponding polar opposite. The Yin-Yang is a spiritual device, which when Realized, helps you to Transcend the World of polarities by revealing the true interconnectedness of what is seemingly opposite from one another.

In its Essence, the Yin-Yang shows that there is no “other,” all forms are of Oneness, yet appear as Separate. More so, that which is connecting the various forms in Existence is precisely that which also enables all of Exisence – Pure Consciousness. Consciousness is the great connector that binds all Life as One through an infinite web of interconnectedness. There are billions and billions of varying expressions of the One Consciousness that appear different yet are essentially the same.

It is inconceivable to the Conditioned Mind how a pair of opposites is truly connected as One until the conditioned Mind is fully Transcended. Until this Realization occurs, the Belief in Separation will continue so that the conditioned Mind’s inherently self-Biased interpretation of Perception continues to persist – polarity will remain, and one end of the poles will always be Interpreted as preferential, or “better” than the other. The Grass is always Greener, right?

In this un-awakened state, there is no connectedness with Being. At this Level of Consciousness, you could say that you aren’t even a fully Realized Human Being – you’re just human, stuck in the tortuous and never ending cycle of chasing that which is considered pleasurable and avoiding that which is considered painful.

Through Self-Realization, you Transcend the World of perceived duality and Realize the Nonduality of which the Yin-Yang symbol aims to demonstrate. As the formlessness of Consciousness is Realized as the fundamental essence in and of every Form, you come to undoubtedly see that no-thing is Separate, in Truth. Through this Awakening, you increasingly Perceive the World from the unpersonal seat of Oneness. And from this higher level of Consciousness, there is no mental interpretation or Judgement of what is, it simply is, and what is has no opposite.

Through this Transcendence of the polarity, which is to say, through Realization of the Yin-Yang, you, as the human, Realize the invariable Beingness that underlies and empowers the entirety of the sense-perceived World, and now you evolve into your true Human Being Nature. You Realize that you are simply Being Human -Consciousness expressing itself in the Form of a person temporarily – and in doing so, further Realize that chasing pleasure and avoiding pain is a fools man’s game that is played on the lower, or more shallow, Ego levels of Consciousness.

While the Yin-Yang, on one level, conceptually highlights the polarity of the sense-perceived World, it is more Truth fully interpreted as a vehicle of Transcendence to rise above the duality of Sense-Perception and offer passage into the Higher Dimension of Nonduality. Successful living as a Human Being is when the Yin-Yang is fully Realized and in balance, which is to say when human is balanced with being, which is to say when Being is Realized and shines through the Human Form as the essential Self.


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