New Partner Intro! Meet Valentina Mazzei – Sound Healing

We are honored to welcome our New Partner – Valentina Mazzei – into the Awakenpedia Family, who will be providing Sound Healing Services for the Community. You can see her Full Partner Profile and list of discounted offerings in our Member Forum!

An Introduction from Valentina:

I’m Valentina – a Sound & Energy Healer. I’ve been on this amazing journey of self-discovery and I’m currently going through a profound healing time in my life. 

I personally struggled to see my magic and find my life purpose. I struggled with limiting beliefs, and I was making decisions that weren’t in alignment with my true self, trying to please people and dim my light, instead of loving myself first and foremost. 

And so I developed a deep interest in the healing arts, meditation, coaching, plant medicine, hypnosis.  I learned to embrace my imperfections and flaws, to face my own fears and to own my power. And throughout this path, sound has been one of my greatest teachers.

My connection and experience were so divine that I knew instantly my mission was to guide and empower other women to the awakening of consciousness.  I realized the incredible power of energy and sound and I became so passionate about serving you and my hopes are to inspire you deeply.


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