New Partner Intro! Meet Lindsay Schonewill – Conscious Dating

We are honored to welcome our New Partner – Lindsay Schonewill – into the Awakenpedia Family, who will be providing Conscious Dating Services for the Community. You can see her Full Partner Profile and list of discounted offerings in our Member Forum!

An Introduction from Lindsay:

Hi sweet friend! My name is Lindsay and I am a Relationship & Mindset Coach specializing in Divine Feminine and Masculine and how to embody Conscious Relationships.

My journey in coaching started from a very young age being raised by two Spiritual Life Coaches I was born into it, literally lol! Growing up finding meaning in life, listening to the wind, and seeing butterflies as passed loved ones sending love made me into the empathic, cry watching a sunset, getting goosebumps when I hear deep truth, person I am today! It also helped me become very good at seeing where people hold themselves back and helping you come back into wholeness within yourself. This is truly my passion.  

I am a Relationship Coach because I’ve been there. I struggled with this most of my life, having a subconscious father wound, this made for some serious emotionally unavailable relationships. Going through my Spiritual Awakening 5 years ago I dove into shadow work and self love and truly healed that part of me that kept attracting what I absolutely did not want. I am now in a beautiful harmonious relationship and I’m honored to help others create the same in their life. So happy you are here, and I am so honored to connect and guide you on the path of choosing and feeling deep love.


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