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Essential Point:

True Forgiveness is the Realization that there is nothing to Forgive.


When you are still Identified with yourself as the Person, you take what happens to you personally, which is to say that you Feel like you are “owed” for a perceived wrongdoing done to you. Your Forgiveness then becomes dependent not only on the receipt of an apology, but on one that is commensurate with the nature of the offense. Of course, you are the Judge of whether the apology is commensurate or not with the offense, and if the apology isn’t “good enough,” then forgiveness isn’t typically offered.

In many cases, the apology is Interpreted as never good enough and forgiveness is never extended, Peace is never restored, and you are burdened with carrying the grievance for the rest of your Life as trapped Energy that becomes part of your Ego. This is Conditional Forgiveness, which isn’t True Forgiveness.

If this is how you interpret Forgiveness you will find yourself constantly having to forgive people and carrying grievances your whole Life, many of which you won’t even remember what for. It is important to remember that True Forgiveness is primarily a gift to yourself, for it frees you of the Negative Energy that is otherwise latched onto you indefinitely.

True Forgiveness occurs when you realize that there is nothing to Forgive, for you Know that the act was born from Unconsciousness, and more importantly, no harm was actually done to you, the Real you that is. As Jesus once said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

If a rock hurts you, you do not hold a grudge against the rock, for you know that the rock did not intentionally try to hurt you and it simply didn’t know any better because it couldn’t have known any better. We come to realize that it is the same case for Human Beings.

A Human Being can only act according to their Level of Consciousness, they cannot act beyond it. If they could, they would. And as most Human Beings today are still relatively Unconscious, their Ego is in control and the Nature of their Behavior will be inherently defensive, attacking, erratic, unstable, and selfish. It may even Manifest through extreme forms, such as violence, chronic abuse, rape, and or murder.

While the perpetrator of these actions will still Suffer the Worldly and Karmic consequences of their actions, it must be realized that none of these actions are personal – they are simply the resulting, albeit Insane and dysfunctional, behavioral patterns that naturally accompanies the Ego-Identified State of Being, or State of No-Being. The level of insanity and dysfunction is proportionate to your Ego Density – that is, the larger the Ego, the more insane and dysfunctional the behavior will be.

Realizing that it is someone’s Ego that is “hurting” you – and not who they truly are – is the first step of realizing true forgiveness. Most simply, if they knew better, they would Do better, which means if they were more Conscious they would behave more consciously.

The second step of Forgiveness is to realize that the “you” that is interpreting the situation personally as a “hurtful wrongdoing” isn’t even actually the real you either – it is the Thinking, Judging Mind that is slapping a narrative onto the situation, which of course is the Ego as well, your Ego.

When you evolve to a Level of Consciousness and realize that all that is happening is the folly of Ego Play, the offense is depersonalized and therefore neutralized. You recognize that it is one False self Projecting onto another False self that is also Projecting onto a False self, which cannot cause anyone real harm. Nothing was personal. Nothing is Personal. Nothing ever can be.

At this Level of Consciousness, no matter how “bad” the action was, all Judgements and interpretations are Transcended so that Universal Forgiveness is realized naturally, totally, and immediately.


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